"Living the Good News of Jesus Christ with open minds and loving hearts."

Mission Statement

"University Christian Church is dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ through deeply spiritual worship, study, and service. Founded on the campus of Texas Christian University and shaped by our academic heritage, University Christian Church encourages a spirit of openness and freedom of thought. We are called to create a loving and caring community for all people, and work together for justice and peace in our world. Recognizing that our spiritual journeys are all different, we strive to be respectful and inclusive concerning each individual's relationship with God."


In faithful witness to our Mission statement, we commit to the following goals:


    • Provide varied opportunities for worship each week.
    • Celebrate and support our music ministry as it enriches our worship experience.
    • Engage both hearts and minds so that worshippers can experience spiritual growth.

Outreach and Social Justice

    • We will host, support and engage in ministries that serve those in need in our community and around the world.
    • Provide leadership and resources for outreach ministries.
    • Educate and empower members to be advocates for justice and peace.

Relationships and Partnerships

    • Foster ecumenical and interfaith relationships to promote cooperation and understandingthose in need in our community and around the world.
    • Continue to build upon our academic heritage by nurturing our collaborative relationship with TCU and Brite Divinity School.
    • Extend hospitality to each other and the community beyond.

Education and Spiritual Growth

    • Provide meaningful opportunities for learning and spiritual growth through all seasons of life.
    • Equip individuals to use their gifts and talents to fulfill God’s calling in their lives.
    • Train and support educational leaders within the congregation.

The Arts

    • Value and nurture the use of the arts in all our ministries.
    • Embrace different artistic expressions within and outside Christian tradition that help us understand our relationships to each other and to God.
    • Encourage our congregation to develop and share their artistic gifts.