Room in the Inn

Room in the Inn (RITI), in partnership with the DRC (formerly Day Resource Center) and other local faith communities, offers men or women a night off the streets or away from shelters once a week during the hottest and coldest months of the year. 

After screening at DRC, guests are picked up by their host church then share an evening meal and fellowship before the guests settle in for a restful night’s sleep. Breakfast is served in the morning and guests are taken back to DRC with a sack lunch for the next day.  

UCC members, who have completed the required training to participate in this ministry, drive the men to and from the DRC, spend time playing games with them or just visiting, and host the dinner and breakfast tables. Two volunteers remain overnight, while others participate by setting up, working in the kitchen, bringing food, donating lunch ingredients, cleaning up and doing laundry.  

Please contact Michelle Groom at for more information and how you can become involved in this ministry. Those participating in this ministry are touched by those they serve and believe they receive more than they give.