Post-Election Day Prayer

11.09.16 | General | by Rev. Dr. Charles Rolen

Post-Election Day Prayer

    Peace and blessings to the University Christian Church family and our community and world. Our Interim Senior Minister, Chuck Rolen, has written this prayer to share on this special day. Also know the Chapel of the Good Shepherd and UCC Sanctuary is available for meditation and prayer during most business hours.

    “Blessed Creator God, This is a day you have made … and I want to be glad in it, but it is a day where feelings are mixed and fear seems to lurk all around. Honestly, I don’t know what to expect. I want to have hope and joy but that is a reach as there remains so much division, so many wounds, and so much speculation.

    Help me to find comfort in the image of Jesus walking across the face of the churning, stormy sea speaking “peace be still” to the troubled disciples. May visions of peace and hope work their way through my heart and soul, through my home and family, across our land, and from the mountain tops to the valleys of this wonderful world.

    Help me to find strength in my beliefs and commitment to Jesus, the Prince of Peace, and your ways of faith, hope, grace, mercy, restorative justice, and love. May you continue to bless University Christian Church to be a place where faith in you is greater than any political divide, any fear, any challenge. Renew in me, this nation, and world dreams of health, vitality, peace, and life. I thank you God for being God, amen.”

    --Rev Dr. Charles Rolen