Circles of Faith Small Groups



For months, we have been adrift in a raging sea of uncertainty and it has impacted every one of us in some form or another—anxiety, fear, depression, abandonment, loss, grief. The list is endless. And, the impact has been felt world-wide. Over the last few months we have practiced social distancing, staying home, homeschooling, working from home, and when we are are out, wearing masks. We have sharpened our skills as we have used Zoom, Facebook, and other social media platforms for meetings, work, school, and church.

We are starting up our small groups again for Spring of 2021. Use the buttons below to register for the class(es) you may be interested in. Please email or call Rev. Zena McAdams if you need more information about this ministry.


Theology of The Office  Facilitated by Rev. Shannon Moore (In-Person)


Parenting Forward  Facilitated by Rev. Kera Watts (ZOOM)


Just a Sister Away  Facilitated by Monica Bradley (ZOOM)


Grace of Les Miserables  Facilitated by Karen Parker (ZOOM)


Simon Peter  Facilitated by Skylar Plunkett (ZOOM)


A Bead and A Prayer  Facilitated by Marilyn Jones (In-Person)


Seven Ways Church Member Should Prepare for Sunday's Sermon  Facilitated by Eldon Irving (ZOOM)