No matter who you are, who you love or where you're from, you are always welcome here—a home away from home..

Our mission is to engage in meaningful relationships with students and young adults as they grow in their faith journeys. Through worship, education, service and fellowship, we strive to express the love of God made known in Jesus Christ. Know that we're here to help! Grab coffee with our college minister, say hello to someone in worship and explore the many ministry opportunities available at UCC.


Ways to Connect

College Sunday School · 10:00am–10:50am | College Lounge

A place to connect with other students and discuss faith, culture, vocation and the Bible as we look at how to navigate life as people of faith. This class is led by Allison Bright, Assistant Minister for College.

Sunday Sabbath · 4:30pm–5:45pm | College Lounge

In the relentless busyness of college life, it’s hard to find a healthy rhythm. This an opportunity to break from the work and center yourself for the week ahead. Each week, we’ll explore a different way of honoring the Sabbath, as we remember to celebrate what is beautiful and sacred. Our hope is that through these weekly practices, you can develop your own Sabbath rhythm.

Wednesday Lunch Bunch ·  12:00pm-1:00pm | College Lounge

Think of this as a mid-week communion meal.  A weekly lunch gathering where we feed our spirits and our stomachs. The college lounge is located by the Rogers/Cantey entrance and is open for studying/hanging out before and after lunch.

Interested in providing lunch?

First Sunday Lunch · 12:15pm 

Lunch is on us! Meet in The Gallery following the 11:00am Worship Service the first Sunday of every month.




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