Online Gatherings

9:00am Worship Service (Website | Facebook| YouTube)
10:00am All-Church Sunday School (Facebook)
11:00am Worship Service(Website | Facebook| YouTube)
12:00pm Simple Worship (Facebook)

9:00am Youth Devotionals Follow Youth on Facebook and Instagram

10:00am Bible Study
12:00pm College Lunch Bunch
2:00pm Preschool Check-in
6:30pm Youth Middle School Community Group - contact Melanie for info on joining
7:00pm Youth High School Community Group- contact Melanie for info on joining

4:00pm Youth Games (follow youth on instagram)

10:30am Preschool Show and Tell with Ms. Kera
12:00pm College Bible Study
1:00pm Kindergarten and First Grade Check-in and Games
2:00pm Grades 2 and 3  Check-in and Games
3:00pm Grades 4 and 5 Check-in and Games