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Sunday School March 29, 2020

7:57 We want to hear from you! What are your gifts? Who helped you discover those gifts? Tell us in the comments.

Mimi Rogers · 10:06 Ron Shirey and Betty Boles, years ago, convinced me and had faith in me to take on the role as a handbell director! I’ll never forget that meeting with them. ❤️

Rob Scofield · 15:09 Cy Rowell at Brite Divinity School , Dr John Butler at the TCU Campus Ministries office , where I served as Campus ministry Intern along with Reverend Kay Higgins who was in the Housing Office at TCU when i served as Hall Director at Tom Brown encouraged me so much in entering Pastoral Ministry.

Eldon Irving · 15:13 When I was in high school at University Christian Church in Seattle, the youth minister there helped me see gifts I had

Mimi Rogers · 16:23 Lisa Anne McCain McCulloch showed patience and faith in me when she sponsored me on a Walk to Emmaus in 1995. I have continued to serve others through the Walk mostly by serving on Music Teams. I worked my 24th Walk last month.

Thelia Chaffin · 21:43 I think of Peggy Glenn who helped James and I , and many others, find our spiritual gifts

Barbara Tucker · 22:00 My major professor Velma Schmidt at UNT affirmed my gift as a teacher of both children and adults back in the 70s and 80s. That gift has recently been reaffirmed by my brothers and sisters in the Network of Biblical Storytellers, International.

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We Did It!

We did it! Our first ever livestream all-church Sunday School class. Thank you for being part of the test group. We had some technical challenges but have made some adjustments and I can't wait for this Sunday as we continue our series on "The Joy of Serving God," part of the Pursing Spiritual Transformation Series by Willow Creek Resources. This week we will discuss lesson two: "Use My Gifts" and focus on a passage of scripture in Acts 2 that was a particular inspiration for the founders of our movement. It describes the unity of the first century church.

"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of the bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with awe...All the believers were together, and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone who had need...And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved." Acts 2:42-47

I love this "all in" snapshot of the church and can't wait to talk about it with all of you this Sunday. In the meantime, I want to share with you the responses you shared last Sunday when you were asked: Tell us about someone in your faith journey who taught you the importance of serving others.

Mimi Rogers · 12:08 My parents, Will and Betty Rogers, modeled servant hood in the church for me as I was growing up. Teaching all ages of Sunday School, youth camps, working on Boar’s Head from the beginning ,

Mark Montague · 9:43 We can do that now, keep snack pack cheese crackers in your car. Plenty of homeless & hungry on Fort Worth street corners. Be the blessing & be kind/generous to them.

Daphne Nizza Shaw · 4:13 And Fred Rogers! He always reminded people to look for the heroes, which is

Anne Stewart Darr · 8:12 I've been learning since birth! After all, my parents are Bob and Carol Stewart.

Laura Loving Fauntleroy · 8:38 Mom and dad always prepared an extra turkey on thanksgiving for local police officers who were serving he community that day

Mark Montague · 12:59 Will Rogers was a great role model for generations of young men growing up

Monica Ford · 16:20 When we were growing up my mother helped us to make care packages that were boxes full of goodies and necessities and on Christmas eve we would “play Santa” and drop off on people’s door steps. I keep thinking I would love to do something like this with the kids now.

Bea Smith · 11:17 My mother volunteered and donated and I went with her growing up. My Dad was active in the DOC church when I was a kid. I learned by two great examples. They still do what they can.

Elaine Garvin · 16:02 Thank you. I learned from my parents and continue to learn from my husband Jim and rejoice to see it in my son

Anne Stewart Darr · 4:52 Good morning, church family!

Avis Herndon · 20:36 Thanks for your sharing in a way that we all can share our experience! 

Posted by Rev. Renee Hoke