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"A Place to Call Home."

Happy Friday, everybody! 

This week is the start of a new worship series titled "A Place to Call Home." Our first scripture and sermon theme are related to this idea of uniting people as one, which is still an odd image for my mind because of the pandemic. As I was prepping my contributions for this service, I found myself shuddering at images of people hugging and large groups gathering together. Has the pandemic changed how we feel about gathering? 
I then started thinking about the different ways of gathering, especially the creative ways we did throughout this past year. As a church, we gathered online, in public parks, in backyards and front porches, through phone calls, texts, and emails, and eventually we gathered in the sanctuary. What does this mean about where we, as a church, call home? 
I would venture to say that this past year has taught us that our home is found within one another. Instead of home being a physical location found on a map, our home is wherever we are together. How great is that? To know that our spiritual home is capable of picking up and moving wherever we are, and that we are always walking distance from our place of comfort. 
Think about where you consider home. Perhaps the house you live in is the first thing that comes to mind. Now, think about the other places and people that give you the same sense of comfort and warmth. As our church journeys through a Place to Call Home, I hope you'll consider the relationships which build the many homes of your life.


Be well,