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Consider what forgiveness means to you

Hey good people,


To be honest, writing a reflection this week is tough. Finding words that acknowledge the violence in our world while providing uplifting words is not easy right now, although you'd think we'd be really good at it by now. The recent shootings in Atlanta and Boulder are scary for many reasons, but perhaps the most frightening aspect is how we're slowly returning to a life that we loved which included this violence and hatred.
I'm in a course this semester titled "Forgiveness and Justice in the Community" taught by Dr. Joretta Marshall, and it has proved to be an extremely timely class. We talk about the journey of forgiveness and reconciliation, and what our faith teaches us about it all. Yesterday, we spoke about Desmond Tutu's writings on forgiveness, specifically how he perceives forgiveness to be "unconditional."
For Tutu, all humans are deserving of forgiveness and no action can change this. A few classmates and I discussed what this meant, and the consensus was that we weren't sure if we agreed. Forgiveness always? For any action? This concept of prevailing grace and mercy is familiar in a theological (talking about God) context, but what about us humans?
I encourage you to consider what forgiveness means to you. What does it look like? How long does it take? Where in your life have you offered forgiveness, and where have you needed to be forgiven?
I hope you'll join me in prayers for the communities impacted by these recent acts of violence, and for our bleeding, wounded, world.